Speakers of Pillars of Faith

Daryl Bentley and his wife of 27 years, Ginger, have had the privilege of serving in ministry for a little over 13 years. Pr. Bentley has a passion for the Three Angels message and loves to lead souls to Jesus.

He holds a Bachelor's in Theology from Southern Adventist University and a Master's in Pastoral Ministry from the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. His hobbies include playing the guitar and cello as well as flying general aviation airplanes.

Chad Kreuzer works with his wife, Fadia, at Anchor Point Films, where they produce the documentary series entitled, “Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series.” They also share seminars on health, the Bible, overcoming habits, the gut-brain connection, overcoming the media trap naturally as well as Bible prophecy. They have also taught in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and throughout North America, and have traveled full time for the past nineteen years. They enjoy being in the outdoors with family and friends, experiencing God's creation.

EJ Wolf is a missionary at heart. He served in South Korea for nearly 15 years where he met his wife Eujin. They have four wonderful kids who are a great blessing in ministry. He has been serving as a minster in Michigan for over nine years.

He enjoys playing the guitar, photography and sharing his faith.

“I believe that this is the most important message people need to hear in 2021. I’m humbled by this opportunity and excited to share the incredible hope and peace we can find in the Bible. I hope you will join us!”